Great gifts for freelance writers

By Denise Turney
Freelance writers love to receive gifts that make it easier for them to start and finish writing projects. A new laptop, a waterproof keyboard or a multi-functional printer are great gifts for freelance writers. It’s these types of gifts that save freelancer writers time. Because freelance writers put in long hours, cranking out one article, white paper, press release or website content project after another, little beats a comfortable, high-back leather chair as a gift.

Great gifts that freelance writers will love

You can warm freelance writers’ hearts by gifting them with scented candles, back warmers or a pair of comfortable socks, the kind of socks that have cartoon characters on them. Writers love inspirational and motivational quotes; add in cartoon characters and you have a winning combination. Speaking of motivation, you can encourage the freelancer writers in your life to step away from working and take a deep breath, by giving them an iPod as a gift.

An iPod will give freelance writers a reason to exercise their imagination. After all, who doesn’t love to daydream, imagining that he’s setting an Olympic record or creating the next New York Times bestselling novel? Depending on their lifestyle, freelance writers also might turn on their iPod and take off running, skateboarding or bicycling around the neighborhood.

Hard to beat that for staying in good physical condition and keeping the creative juices flowing. If you know someone who freelances who doesn’t have a smartphone, it might be time to upgrade them. Should the freelance writer argue that she’s doing just fine with her old cell phone, consider pointing out that she can search the Internet, completing writing research work, email her writing clients and stay in touch with family and friends — all while using a smartphone.

Laptop cases, ruled executive calendars, spa gift certificates and foreign language software are other great gifts for freelance writers. Bookends and a tall bookcase are other gifts freelance writers appreciate and use. You can’t go wrong when buying freelance writers felt or quill pens either. The creative types will definitely make good use of those gifts.

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