Disadvantages of Reading Free Books Online

By Denise Turney

Convenience and environmental conservation are the top two benefits you could receive when you choose electronic books over print books. With the click of a button, you can search through thousands of books, including free books online, while sitting on your sofa, riding the train or relaxing in bed. You can also download and start reading free books in seconds.

Electronic Books vs. Print Books

For many people, these benefits are unbeatable. However, not so fast. Free online books don’t offer all of the same benefits that print books do. Buy a print book or check a print book out from the library, and you could get:

  • Rare and classic books that increase in value over time (not sure that the value of electronic books will go up 10 to 20 years from now)
  • Opportunities to share great stories with friends without your friends having to get an ebook reader
  • Ability to enjoy your favorite stories absent the need to hunt for WiFi
  • No need to recharge or plug in electronics before you start treasuring great novels
  • Chance to gift loved ones with print books that you wrap so you can enjoy watching loved ones open their literary gifts with surprise

Sure. You can save money by downloading free kindle books and other free online books. However, if you surveyed everyone who downloaded free books online, you might be surprised to discover that not all of these people actually reads the dozens of free online books they download. It’s almost as if some people download free online books simply because they don’t want to miss out on a chance to get something without having to pay for it.

Readers Want Quality Books

But, do you really want folders of free books online that you’re never going to read? Where’s the benefit in that? Yet, let’s say you plucked down several bucks for an outstanding print book. Think you’d take the time to read and savor the book? Or do you think you’d rob yourself of the chance to enjoy a rare piece of literary work?

I’m willing to venture that you, like many other people, read to be entertained, educated, inspired or motivated. So, why would you magnetize toward electronic  books simply because they are free? Free doesn’t guarantee greatness. In fact, something tells me if a car dealer was giving away free cars, you might think twice before you test drove one of the cars, because you’d probably think something was wrong with the cars. Otherwise, why would the dealer be giving the cars away for free?

Don’t we pay for what we value? Don’t we make time for what we value? I can’t be the only book lover who looks for books that are written with a tone, voice and style I appreciate, books that are developed with memorable characters I won’t soon forget versus looking for free books online because I want to save a buck.

Oh. The joys of reading great books, rare books you don’t come across every day. Make those books available in print, and I’m in. . . . Gotta use my makeshift bookmarks. Gotta curl up with a great book, and my bookcases love holding shelves of literary gems. Yes; there are so many advantages to reading compelling books, stories that help change lives for the better.

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