Penguin Group Enters Self Publishing Books Realm

By Denise Turney

Less than a decade ago librarians, bookstores, media outlets, book reviewers (some still do), book buyers and traditional book publishers frowned on self-publishing. Paying money to print and publish your own books was deemed akin to vanity publishing, as if the only reason you would take the time to research, write and have your work professionally edited and published was just so you could feel important. But, that’s changing.

Self-Published Authors Are Committed to Success

People are starting to realize that self-publishers are more akin to entrepreneurs than they are to folks who don’t mind plopping down thousands of dollars to stockpile books with their names written across the spine in their garages. Actually, when you think, it’s obvious that self-publishing, especially for an author who earns her entire livelihood from selling her own books, calls for admirable qualities that are not always required of authors who get published via traditional means.

Tenacity, resiliency, solid financial management and strong marketing and promotion skills are generally required to become a successful self-publisher. Therefore, self-published book authors must possess the knowledge, skills and drive to push their book titles to the top of bestseller charts. Truth is — the same skills that are generally required to sell books published by traditional book publishers are required to sell self published books. Furthermore, it’s the number of book sales and how deeply stories engage readers that matter. It’s a reason books like Love Pour Over Me, Playing for Keeps, If You Were Mine, Spiral and Portia have earned success amongst their target audience.

Technology’s Impact on Book Publishing

Add to that the fact that expanding technologies are making it increasingly possible for book authors, including self published writers, to find and connect with thousands and millions of readers and it’s easy to understand why a traditional publisher like the Penguin Group would acquire Author Solutions, Inc., a large self-publishing company. How large is Author Solutions, Inc.? According to the Wall Street Journal’s July 19, 2012 “Penguin Dives into Self-Publishing” article, Author Solutions, Inc. boast a roster of 150,000 published authors.

Penguin Group purchased Author Solutions, Inc. for $116 million. That alone is a sign of how profitable self-publishing has become. It’s also further evidence that the stigma around self-publishing is evaporating. Change is shinning its face upon the book industry. This is a good thing.

Gone are the days when talented authors had to wait for their work to be discovered (or more accurately stated – accepted and approved of) by large publishing houses. The removal of this barrier may very well allow for different styles and varieties of written works to be introduced to avid book readers. It may also serve as a sign that traditional book marketing strategies need changing. But, more importantly, the success of self-publishing serves as a welcome sign to talented book authors (who spent years having their work rejected by traditional publishers) that their voice, the stories they create to share are valued, powerful and worth being heard.

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