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Love Has Many Faces
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"I couldn't put this book down! I finished it in one sitting! I liked that the book was set in New York. Scenes from New York City added a nice touch."

Angela Stone, Philadelphia, PA

"Reads so smooth, it sounds like poetry. I saw myself in Leslie. I connected with her so much. I'm telling all my friends about Love Has Many Faces!"

Michelle, Long Beach, CA

"A real winner! The writing is like poetry! A must read!"

David Stewart, Toronto, Canada

"The HIT book of the year!
First and foremost, I have to say that "Love Has Many Faces" is a wonderful read! It took me only one sitting to read this thick and robust novel. Love interweaves several stories and plot lines into one novel that has one underlying theme, in my opinion, and that is loving God, and allowing him to help you to guide your life in the "right" way.

This book indeed shows that love has many faces as characters deal with
life-changing circumstances, such as drugs, alcohol, death, and fame. Not
only are the faces of love with each character, but most importantly with
the characters who interact with one another, who love one another through harrowing times, in hindsight realizing that even when the face of love is someone telling you what you don't want to hear... I was moved with the spirit of the character, Robin. Her devotion to God, her "right" living never falters, and it proves that opening your heart to
God is never in vain.

There were so many character plots set in the world's most famous city, New York City, both "major" characters and minors, that to some, the thought of a novel getting bogged down might occur; however, Ms. Turney does an exquisite job in telling each individual tale and pulling you into each character's life and how his or her life is ultimately affected by choices they make and the friends they keep.

I guarantee that everyone who reads this will find at least one character
that they will see a part of themselves in.

"Love Has Many Faces" is not just a book you'd want to cuddle up and read with, even though the writing is so well done, the book set in New York reads like poetry, you won't want to put it
down. Love also teaches us lessons. Lessons about life and spirituality and
self-esteem and perseverance and ultimately LOVE, love of our SELF, of each other, of the world, and most importantly, of God.

You don't want to miss this one!

Shonell Bacon, The Nubian Chronicles


Love Has Many Faces is the second novel to feature the superb writing
talents of Denise Turney. Love Has Many Faces reads like poetry. The writing is silky smooth! In this story set in New York City, Denise has created a series of
compelling characters, wrought with the full range of emotions, experiences and frailties that heighten the reader's sense of time, place and desire. The pages turn as much on realistic intrigue as we are pulled through an interpersonal maze of friendships challenged on all emotional fronts. Our guide through the New York setting is supportive and spiritually grounded Robin, whose life-growing experiences are compounded by her roommate, Leslie, still haunted by the memories of child stardom in Hollywood's fickle star factory. Leslie's anger and frustration at the pinnacle of what she once achieved is acted out through a self-abusive scenario of alcohol, drugs and meaningless affairs. Robin is the only barrier standing between Leslie's self-destruction and self-renewal. She constantly tests the full limit of her friendship with Robin through verbal abuse, demands anchored in her own insecurities and the push/pull need for affirmation. Robin, though frustrated, endures through her unwavering belief that there is more to Leslie than the shattered person she presents.

Throughout the story, the reader is allowed to marvel at Robin's strong
sense of self-determination and willingness to put herself on the line in a
true test of her beliefs. Love Has Many Faces is not your typical love
story, that relies on the physical interactions to hold the readers
attention, but allows the plot and dialogue to hold the reader's interest
and move the imagination forward.

There are a series of equally compelling characters that add luster to this
heart-pounding novel. But, the it is the evolution and reconciliation of
Robin and Leslie's friendship that grips the reader by an emotional thread
and pulls it taunt until its unexpected conclusion.

Love Has Many Faces is a novel that places true friendship under a revealing social microscope and examines all the elements that move it to its triumphant conclusion. Through Robin and Leslie, we see how our own
relationships need constant examination as they bump up against wave after wave of social turbulence. Love Has Many Faces will signal the beginning of that examination. Denise Turney is an excellent teacher.

Reviewed by Lee E. Meadows - Author of : Silent Conspiracy: A Lincoln Keller


"I loved this book! I enjoyed reading about the truths about Hollywood and New York! I can't wait until it hits bookstores! I cried at the
end. You are a talented writer!"

Editor, Arts Zine



"This book is going to blow up the spot! Your writing is like poetry. It is excellent!" --
Maxine Thompson, author "The Ebony Tree"


"The more I read this book about Hollywood, New York City and fame, the more I want to keep reading this book! You did a good job with 'Love Has Many Faces'". -- Sonny Smith, Urban
Entertainment Report Affiliated with RadioScope


"I enjoyed Love Has Many Faces so much I shared it with another bookclub member. I have it right here on my desk (Just typed a letter to you yesterday!). You have a lot of talent as a writer and I felt honored to be allowed the opportunity to sneek a peak at the novel. I see great things
on your horizon!" -- Tracy, Book Club President

"This book is a page turner!" -- Book club president
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Love Has Many Faces, a multicultural book written by author Denise Turney, is set in New York City. The part of New York City the book Love Has Many Faces is set in is Chelsea, an area of New York City that celebrates the arts. Artists and writers who live in or visit New York City have spent time in Chelsea New York for many years, creating new entertaining works of art. Love Has Many Faces is a womans book about two celebrity women, famous celebrities who are artists. One of the celebrities writes plays. Another of the celebrities is a famous Hollywood actress. Celebrities fill the book set in New York City. People who enjoy New York City, including people who live in New York City, can love and appreciate Love Has Many Faces.