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"With a plot ripped straight from the headlines, Spiral, by Denise Turney evokes the issue of missing children in the 1940s, an issue still prevalent today. Despite the fact that clues seem to point to the powerful Jack Robinson, the police raid the homes and harass all the men of Greasy Plank. Ms. Turney does a wonderful job. She gives a realistic edge to this highly dramatic story. Taut and engaging, Denise Turney dishes up loads of twists and turns and suspense. Bravo to Ms. Turney for not being shy about giving readers a tale that will not soon be forgotten." -- QBR (Quarterly Review of Black Books)

"Denise Turney told a very heartrending story. I could not put this one down as I absorbed up the essence of the characters and the undeserving pain inflicted upon them. Spiral was packed with issues that are the substance of hours of thought provoking discussion. Well done!" -- Book Club

"You really know how to spin a story! I am halfway through Spiral and have yet to figure out the little girl mystery. I am loving it! Thanks for bringing your books to my attention. I won't know for sure the whole story until the last page. Now that is a book!"

*Reba Walker, Baltimore, MD

"Spiral was a very emotional ride. It also provokes plenty of anger when in my view justice was not served. Man to man is so unjust as Bob Marley said. I was so angry when Ramsey got to live out his old age on the beaches of Florida. When all his dirty deed made others go to an early broken hearted grave. I know life is like this. The good guys finish last at times. I know one can say his tragic life lead to him not having a conscious and as you said being a psychopath but I wanted him to suffer even more. A far as Ramsey is concerned I suppose one could argue when one is a coward he dies a thousand deaths as opposed to heroes dying only once. We all hope people like this do indeed die every single day and never have a moment of peace. I so love the strong roots theory. It brings back family memories especially of those that have passed on. As I said it was an emotional ride for me but after the read I can say I was enriched by the whole experience. One in a small way gets to see what they are made of themselves by putting themselves in the characters place. So much came to me from this."


"Spiral has been selected as a Book-of-the-Month by Fresh Literary Magazine!"

Editor, Fresh! - Somerville, MA

"Spiral will be spotlighted as the November/December Book in Next Movement Magazine!"

Editor, Next Movement Magazine

"Denise Turney is both an outstanding writer and a socialist. In Spiral, Turney addresses the American criminal injustice, that has torn apart lives, families and communities. While Spiral is a fictional narrative, it addresses a very realistic problem, and gives a voice to the many who have been victims of a far from perfect legal system. At the beginning of the narrative, Turney introduces a young girl whose murder results in a massive search for her killer. The girl's neighbors say they saw a man pick her up in a truck. Readers who like realistic fiction with substance, will find Spiral very interesting. It will open your eyes to the fact that not all who are behind bars deserve to be there. You might just be provoked to action as you read what is arguably one of the most underrated books of the year."

-Anthony Stokes, Editor Black Ink Online

"Denise Turney has written a masterpiece! Her latest novel, Spiral is set in a small town called, Greasy Plank, Tennessee. Set in the 1940s, this family saga introduces the reader to Tammy Tilson, a gutsy lady who tries to spare her four children and her grandchildren, some of the pain she suffered as a product of the South. Tammy and her husband Philip own a grocery store and are considered quite prosperous.

But things changed in Greasy Plank, with the disappearances of little girls. The family relationship becomes strained when Tammy’s eldest son becomes engaged to the daughter of the man whom she suspects has something to do with the cases. Accused by some of the authorities of being meddlesome, Tammy tries to get to the bottom of the strange occurrences. Meanwhile, her own daughter and her daughter’s family are murdered.

Later, Tammy's grandson is implicated in the disappearances, and his own mother (Margaret) refuses to help clear him. Margaret is well aware that her father is guilty, but feels that he wouldn't survive in jail. This book will keep the reader captivated until the very last sentence!

Delores Thornton, Book Reviewer, The Refer


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