Welcome to my personal blog!  I create so much content (e.g. blogs, articles, research, copywriting) for creatives and small business owners that I decided to sit myself down and write a personal blog. It’s kind of an offshoot of my online diary which I started at chistell.com nearly eight years ago.

I’ll be blogging about books I’ve read, stories I’m creating and book signings and interviews I’m conducting. I’ll also share my thoughts about movies and music I’ve recently taken in and enjoyed. If you love jazz as much as I do, feel free to kick back and enjoy links to some smooth jazz while you’re here.

For your ease, you can also open my blog in a separate window while you enjoy exploring more of chistell.com and learning even more about my books. I provide a brief overview of my books right here at my blog (check out the “My Books” link at the top of this page). However, excerpts and more detailed information on my books are available right from the main page of chistell.com

Again – welcome!  I’m so glad you’re here!

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