Writers influence how people see life

By Denise Turney
Unless you’re a speed reader, I’m guessing it takes you two to three days to read a 250 page novel. Characters’ names, personalities, preference, challenges, strengths, scene locations and character  motivations jump out at you, becoming a part of your personal memories.

If you’re reading a book that’s replete with uplifting scenes and plots, it’s not a stretch to think that you’re feeling pretty good about life in general while you turn the novel’s pages. Read a novel that deals with murder, lies and mayhem and you might start wondering if the world is one big mistake. That, or you might start to believe you can’t trust nearly anyone (if anyone at all) fully, completely.

Writers have this kind of power. They can influence how you feel about life as a whole while you’re reading their books. Even more, writers can influence how you perceive yourself and those closest to you. This leads to the question of why you feel drawn to read certain types of books.

For example, do you absolutely love reading romance novels, murder mysteries, sci-fi, inspirational novels or chick lit? Could the love you have for these novels signal your desire to validate the way you perceive the world? Do we look for experiences, entertainment, news stories, etc. that help prove that the way we see life is right?

If so, could it be true that not one of our views or perceptions is right, just the way we want to see things? What do you think?

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