Material to Write Entertaining Books With

By Denise Turney

When you pause to consider your life, the twists and turns, you’ve gone through, the myriad of experiences you have had while a portion of the limitless YOU inhabited your body, it may be easy for you to see that you have material for an awesome story. Regardless of the number of years you have been on earth, you are marvelous. Facts be told, if you had to keep a journal of your every thought and action, you might struggle to find enough paper to hold your story.

Finding Material to Write Novels With

The material you’d write your story, your autobiography or memoir with would come from your memories, the very same resources that shape the way you feel right now (at this very second), the very same resources that create your level of comfort with trying new things. Oh, memories . . . they can pack a wallop. It’s a reason it’s a blessing to hold onto memories that make you feel peace, love and joy and let other memories go.

But what if you’re writing a novel? Where, then, do you get the material to write with?

Believe it or not, to some degree, you will get the material from the same place the material to write your autobiography comes from – within yourself. Sometimes I wonder if that’s what makes writing so emotional, so moving, so therapeutic for authors and book readers.

I also wonder if using inner resources is what separates literature from novels that are written primarily to get cash registers ringing. The good thing is you don’t have to be a book writer to know, to feel, where a novelist is getting the material for his books from. All you have to do is continue reading stories he’s written.

Why Novels Feel Real

In fact, after my first novel Portia was released in 1998 readers emailed me and told me they just knew I was from Chicago, Illinois (the city Portia is set in). I’m from Ohio. Despite how many times I told the book’s readers I wasn’t from Chicago, they didn’t believe me. To this day I think that was due to the research I did in preparation to write Portia and to the way I used material from within myself to create the book’s characters, namely Portia.

About five years later, when I released my third novel, Spiral, readers told me I was from Memphis, Tennessee (the city Spiral is set in). By that time I’d learned that when authors’ material comes from within, the stories those authors write feel authentic, feel real.  Readers appreciate that.

And it takes so little work on the author’s part. It’s a matter of simply allowing information to come to us, to rise up from within. Songwriters, musicians, painters, scriptwriters and even actors and actresses do it. It’s that authenticity that readers and movie viewers are drawn to, even while reading and watching fiction stories, poems and multi-dimensional sci-fi thrillers. At the core people know the stories aren’t real. However, they feel so real (due to where the material they were created with came from) that readers don’t want to turn away, don’t want to stop reading.

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