A Miracle Can Happen Anytime

By Denise Turney

Miracles are all around us. The challenge is — seeing miracles. After all, we only see what we want to see. Scientists are discovering this more and more. Our perceptions, prejudices, intentions and expectations influence what we see, keep us from seeing what we don’t want to see. For example, if someone who stole from us started a community organization years later, it’s not likely that we would trust the person (even if she’d changed). Instead, we’d probably believe she was going to “get caught doing wrong” sooner or later, desperately wanting to have our questionable thoughts proven to be “right”.

Which raises another point — rather than to face the truth, seeing miracles all about us, we prefer to be “right” (even if we’re wrong).  So, are we waiting for miracles to happen in our lives or are waiting for our eyes to open so we can see more of the miracles that are all about us? Or are we waiting for our minds, our repetitive thoughts (also called beliefs) to change, so mental barriers dissolve and we finally see the miracles?

And how will this seeing change our lives? Will seeing (really seeing) cause us to stop being afraid of love? Will it cause us to stop thinking there’s something noble or kind in living small, especially as we step into the truth that we are limitless beings?

If miracles are all around us, then it would be our thinking that would need to change. Even when we accept this, we may be reluctant to take up the task of actually changing. If we do stir up our courage and take steps (i.e. meditating, uttering positive affirmations, creating vision boards, asking for what we want) to change, we might be surprised to discover that it may take longer than we expected for our minds to transform, letting go of old, unproductive beliefs.

However, quitting shouldn’t be an option. As we stay open, accept change, remain curious and willing to take on smart risks, our minds will transform. We’ll become increasingly courageous, and start to feel differently. It might take years of work, especially if we received unproductive programming when we were children, similar to what Raymond Clarke experiences in Love Pour Over Me, but it’s worth it. It’s worth it to start to really SEE. After all, there are so many miracles waiting for us to finally SEE them, so we can start living the lives we were meant to live, savor and enJOY!

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