College Friendships that Last a Lifetime

By Denise Turney

Finding friends can be intimidating, especially during college. Yet, many of us are finding friends while exploring new communities and succeeding academically.

After all, college isn’t only a time when women and men meet, going on to date for years or marry. College is also a time when enriching friendships are formed. Some of these friendships change our lives forever.

Finding Friends in College

College friendships are similar to friendships we form with neighbors when we’re in kindergarten. We laugh and cry with these friends. After awhile, we build trust with these friends, trust that finds us sharing deep personal secrets with them. These are the people who pop into our minds when we’re reminiscing about sweet moments from our childhood.

Finding friends at college who engender this same trust in us is a sweet reward. If we’re at college right now, we probably text or call our friends before we head out for the weekend. They’re our study partners, the people we buy tickets to concerts and school sporting events with. Everybody who knows us on campus knows who our best friends are upon sight because we all spend so much time together. It’s almost like we’re brothers or sisters.

Let tough circumstances come into our lives, as they do with Raymond Clarke and his college friends, and we’ll put our heads together and try to figure a way out of the situation. If we’ve had our friends for years, we may never tell on each other. We might not even confront each other when one of us has clearly crossed a line.

Finding Friends at College, Friendships that Last a Lifetime

This can have positive and negative consequences. If we start protecting our college friends to the point where we start lying for them, we might find ourselves keeping deep secrets. On the other hand, our college friends can open us up to love and care in ways we hadn’t before experienced.

Choices we make as we continue finding friends in college can work like stepping stones as we head toward adulthood. Some of the choices we make will blend into the very fiber of all of our lives, becoming permanent bits of our personal histories. Years from now when our hair has started to gray, our college friends might be the people we call first when we’re putting together fun group events like barbecues and anniversaries.

After all, while finding friends at college, we have the chance to create rewarding relationships that last a lifetime. We might lean on and celebrate these friendships as we age. In fact, sometimes college friends, as they do in the new book, Love Pour Over Me, are meant to be in our lives . . . forever.

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