Everybody should love reading books!

Everybody should love reading great books!  Reading is an excellent way to learn, to continue to grow. It’s also a great way to exercise the brain, ensuring that you stay alert and sharp. While reading books, you can explore new lands and learn from characters’ mistakes without actually having to make the same mistakes yourself. You can experience thrilling life events, meet fascinating people, learn how to build or fix things around your home and learn new languages.

The above cartoon really captures how fascinating your life could become after you start loving to read great books!  It’s a habit so rewarding, you might not be able to stop, and why should you!

Happy reading, my friends!  May you find wonderful, thought provoking books in the most amazing places!  May the stories that keep you up reading until late at night usher in tremendously rewarding experiences, ones you may not have even thought you’d ever have!

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