You’re Too Close to Your Life Goals to Quit Now

By Denise Turney

As soon as we become aware of our life goals, we may feel excited, absolutely exhilarated with the idea that we have a specific function to fulfill. Let our life goals cause us to be placed at the center of attention, and we can become that much more enthused and inspired. It’s easy to understand why we experience those gushing, positive feelings. After all, we’ve just received a message as to what our life goals are. However, we haven’t taken steps to fulfill those goals yet.

Fulfilling Life Goals Doesn’t Always Feel Easy

We haven’t faced any opposition yet. We’ve simply received a dream filled with promise. Our imaginations go to work, telling us it’s going to be easy fulfilling our life goals. If we’re keen on organization, we might even sit down and create a setting life goals worksheet. Reading quotes about life and personal life goals examples that are written by leaders who put in the work and achieved their personal goals may become part of our daily practice. It’s this passion Raymond Clarke feels as a track and field star in the new book, Love Pour Over Me.

Then we take steps to actually move toward the fulfillment of our life goals. For example, if we want to be a New York Times bestselling author, we may take the time to discover that we’ll likely have to sell at least 250,000 copies of one of our books to hit that bestselling book list. Because we’ve never spent hours marketing and promoting our books, we may read a blog or article where another writer expressed how doing a few radio interviews, developing a website and using search engine optimized keywords in book press releases made selling thousands of copies of his novels effortless.

Of course, we don’t question the accuracy or honesty of what the author shared. Instead, we assume the author shared honest facts. So, off we go, creating accounts at every major social media network, writing one press release after another, hiring a web designer to create a search engine optimized website for us, scheduling radio and blog tour interviews and paying to sell our books at vending events.

It’s Always Too Early to Quit on Your Authentic Life Goals

Weeks then months pass. When we go to count how many books we’ve sold, we find that we haven’t even sold 100 copies of our books yet. Frustration starts to creep in. We may even wonder if we have the right life goals. Some of us will change our life goals, thinking that simply switching a personal goal will make fulfilling the goal easier. After the same cycle repeats itself, we might even start to think there’s something wrong with us. What’s wrong is our expectation, our belief that people who achieve success have an easy road to travel.

Yet, if we truly love what we do, if we really love what we’re going after, we won’t quit. Love itself will call us back. If we don’t quit pursuing life goals that are our function to fulfill, we’ll produce a good result. We won’t quit. We’ll do what it takes to move closer and closer to fulfilling our life goals. We’ll be and stay open to change (after all, who gets it all right the first time).

If this has been you – if you’ve been taking the steps to fulfill your life goals for a long time, take heart. You might be right at the edge of a breakthrough. You might be on the cusps of life changing events. You might be almost there. My friend, you just might be too close to your life goals to quit now. Raymond had to learn this in Love Pour Over Me; it might be time for you to learn this life lesson too.

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