Using radio to market and sell books

By Denise Turney

Social media networks aren’t the only places book authors can spread the word about their works to sell books. Radio, another effective marketing tool, is another way authors can exposure and sell books. However, gaining the most out of radio takes a bit of practice. The way authors approach radio station owners and DJs also makes a difference.

Book authors landing radio interviews to sell books

To schedule radio station interviews, visit the station’s website. Get the name of the DJ you want to be interviewed by. When you email the station, address your correspondence to this DJ by name. Highlight your book’s benefits, what readers will gain (i.e. new ways to avoid high blood pressure, how to graduate from college without creating student loan debt) from reading your book. It’s this you want to focus on during your interview.

Create a list of questions for interviewers to ask you. In addition to saving interviewers’ time (trust me, most interviewers will really appreciate this), this step can help the focus of the interview remain on topics you want to cover. Although there’s no guarantee that the interviewer will ask questions you send her, it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Getting the most out of book radio interviews

If this is your first time conducting a radio interview as a book author, practice interviewing with a relative or friend. Relax. During practice sessions, work to engage potential listeners. Avoid trying to directly sell books during the actual interview. Instead, focus on sharing valuable information with listeners.

Tell your family, friends, colleagues and book supporters about your interview. This is a great time to use radio marketing to sell books. Post information (i.e. date, time, location) about your radio interview at social media networks. To get more exposure, create and send a press release about the interview. The more people who tune into your radio interview, the better. More listeners can make it a lot easier to sell books while you’re on the radio. Also, get enough listeners, and you might be asked back.

On the day of the actual interview, arrive 10 to 15 minutes early, 5 minutes may be enough for online radio interviews. If you’re not certain how early to show up, ask the interviewer. Dress comfortably but professionally. Again, relax. Have fun.

More tips on how you can market and sell books and products via the radio are at our YouTube channel. Please share your comments about the session as well as your experiences marketing via the radio in our YouTube channel comments section!

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Special love doesn’t exist

By Denise Turney

love flowers

Wikimedia Commons – GNU Free Documentation License

As much as we want it to, special love doesn’t exist. Why? Love isn’t fragmented. Love is complete, encompasses all that is real and endures forever. I Corinthians 13:13 says that, “But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

I John 4:7 says that, “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.”

Love is complete

If love was special, God would love some more than others. Yet, God loves all that God created. Cain may have desired to receive special love from God, to be more highly thought of or cared for by God than his brother, Able. But, Cain discovered that God’s love is not fragmented. It is whole, complete.

Specialness indicates separateness. A single, whole, complete being does not have more important or special parts.

Yet, how many times do we seek after a special love?

We want to be highly favored (Highly favored over who or what? Why isn’t being in God’s will enough?). We cannot bare to see someone who we are dating enjoying the company of someone else. Some of us struggle to keep our grip if someone we are dating enjoys the company of their parent, sibling or a good friend equally as much as they enjoy our company.

Pursuit of special love drives some of us from relationship to relationship. Pursuit of special love drives some of us from worship center to worship center. Pursuit of special love drives some of us from job to job.

Special love lessons

Sooner or later, wherever we go and whoever we enter into a relationship with, we learn that there is no special love. In some instances, it may take years before we make this discovery.

Pursuit of special love could also cause us to stay in abusive and other unhealthy relationships, thinking that, sooner or later, the “special” person we are with will “magically” make our life better. When you think about it, we’re seeking God’s love under the world’s laws.

Continuing to seek what we will never find is frustrating, at best. Is it any wonder that some of us are tired?

Because love cannot exist without God, it’s absolutely necessary that God guide our relationships, all of our relationships. Sounds sensible. Yet, our egos fight and resist, demanding that we keep looking for what we will never find — special love, someone or something that loves us most, more than they love anyone or anything else.

Raymond Clarke and Brenda seek after special love in the book Love Pour Over Me. They aren’t alone in their searching. After all, they meet at college, the place where many of us invest the greatest hope in finding special love.

Searching for special love brings a motley sort of people into Raymond and Brenda’s lives. The search, and its disappointments and illusions of success, help to awaken the couple, opening Raymond and Brenda to real love.

I encourage you to open up to real love. Only God can lead you there.

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How to write your best book

By Denise Turney – African American Fiction Author of Love Pour Over Me

write your best book

Pic by Daniel Schwen – Wikimedia Common

Stephen King offered excellent advice when he encouraged writers to create stories for themselves first. Put aside concerns that you have to develop certain plots, character deficiencies or shocking dialogue to attract readers. Unleash your subconscious mind and write your best book.

Start with a technique that works for you. This is key. What works for another writer may not work for you. An author who I interviewed on Off The Shelf Book Talk Radio kept saying that she was struggling with finishing her latest novel.

She’d  decided to follow someone’s advice, let go of her usual novel writing technique and write as she said “by the seat of the pants”. This was an author who easily knocked out novellas within two weeks. She abandoned her normal writing technique and was struggling.

Techniques that you could write a great novel with include outline, character sketches, write a paragraph that reveals the moral of the story or identify the book’s plot. After you identify the book’s plot, write down scenes that you will use to climax up to the plot as well as scenes that will make the plot believable, even if you are writing science fiction.

Write regularly. I will never forget New York Times bestselling author, Walter Mosley, sharing that writing is mainly subconscious. Writing regularly can make it easier for you to access your subconscious when you sit down to create your best book.

You don’t have to write on a novel every day. You can respond to writing prompts. Other ways to write every day include journaling, writing poetry, working on short stories or writing articles and blog posts.

Read great books. But, don’t read to copy another author’s style. It is your personal style that readers want to enjoy. Every great book is not a bestseller. There are great books that don’t garner 1,000 sales, which goes back to author Stephen King’s advice.

Let yourself get into the story, really into the heart of the story. As you write the first draft, let your imagination flow. Wait until you have written the first draft before you start editing your novel. Don’t be surprised if your subconscious mind gives you surprising clues or scenes to write.

Some writers receive dreams about characters who they are writing about. Other writers may dream about a twist to take with a plot. This may not happen unless you let yourself get into the story. Exercising your passion for writing may well be the number one way to write your best book. You can focus on marketing and promoting your book after the first draft is written.

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Are you choosing bad relationships over real love?

By Denise Turney

It’s no secret. Everyone wants to receive and to give love. Our childhood experiences can create fear in us as it regards love. Grow up with a parent who exhibits unpredictable behavior, particularly dangerous or abusive behavior, and we could come to believe that we must be on guard all the time, even putting up inner alarms against closeness.

Why are you afraid of love?

Unwanted endings like relationship breakups and stagnation can also create fear in us regarding love. Before long, we’re guarding ourselves against real intimacy. We can also guard against closeness, including closeness with a good friend.

Think of it this way. If every time you walked through a red and purple gate in a neighborhood in New York City you were bit by a dog, there’s a strong likelihood that you would eventually feel anxious and afraid as you neared any red and purple gate, regardless of the city or the neighborhood that the gate was in.

The thing is that, despite your fear and your dedication to avoiding closeness, you want to receive and to give love. Every living being wants to receive and to give love. It is how we are created. If we are extensions of love itself, what else could we want?

For safety’s sake, we may make and feel intensely attracted to a substitute for love. Result of this could be an intense attraction for dysfunctional relationships. Drs. Mark Borg, Jr., Grant Brenner and Daniel Berry discuss this phenomenon with me on Off The Shelf book radio. It’s a topic that continues to attract interest from psychologists, counselors, couples and singles.

Head down the right road this time

And no wonder. We want to know why we keep feeling intensely strong emotions (like the wrong relationship is absolutely right) for the relationship that won’t help us to grow and experience love. You guessed it! Our fear is actually taking us down twists and turns, in effort to protect us, that will keep us from real love, the very thing that we need to be healthy, balanced, joyous and thriving.

Signs that you might be headed for the wrong relationship start with you thinking that someone is perfect. Another sign is thinking that someone will complete you and make you feel happier. When we expect too much from another person, we do not know ourselves. We feel that we are lacking, an erroneous belief that sets us on a path to find someone who has what we think we are lacking.

When the person doesn’t live up to our expectations, we may feel cheated, angry, frustrated, sad, depressed and — once again, cheated. As Drs. Mark Borg, Jr., Grant Brenner and Daniel Berry share on Off The Shelf book radio, we actually set ourselves up for this trap, a trap that we may not even realize that we have stepped into until we’re months or years into a relationship.

We may not choose our parents, but, we can choose to do the inner work and stop replaying the script for childhood dysfunctional relationships. It beats staying in a stagnant relationship, putting up with abuse or running and hiding from closeness and love. These are just a few of the lessons that Raymond Clarke and Brenda, the love of Raymond’s life, learn in my latest book, Love Pour Over Me.

As we start our journey into a new year, commit to doing the work to awaken more. Start to recognize when you are running and hiding from closeness, real intimacy and healthy relationships. Do the work to remove any fears that you have of love and watch your attractions change, setting you up for real, healthy love relationships.

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Rushing into the arms of the past

By Denise Turney

Pic by Tony Atkin – Wikimedia Commons











Have you ever looked at a book title, movie trailer or t-shirt slogan and instantly have a word or phrase pop into your head? Psychologists refer to this as “association.” More specifically, association is a “general psychological principle linked with the phenomena of recollection or memory.”

“The principle originally stated that the act of remembering or recalling any past experience would also bring to the fore other events or experiences that had become related, in one or more specific ways, to the experience being remembered,” as reported in Encyclopedia Britannica. The definition continues with, “Over time the application of this principle was expanded to cover almost everything that could happen in mental life except original sensations. As a result, association became a theoretical view embracing the whole of psychology.”

Being that our brains automatically start searching for past events, colors, feelings, etc. when we enter new situations, travel to new areas or meet new people, it could be highly likely that we never have a completely “new” experience. Those are the good situations.

Yet, there are some of us who are so attached to the past that we refuse to give romantic relationships, office friendships or relationships with people from certain backgrounds a chance. We do this in face of the fact that we know not everyone treats us the same. We do this in face of the fact that we know that we’ve changed as we’ve continued to grow.

Before we know it, decades have past and, although we may have traveled to other countries and met hundreds of people from an array of different backgrounds, we return to treating ourselves and others the way we did 20 to 30 years ago when we struggled through the breakup for a romantic relationship. If we’re not careful, we could start accepting old lies and beliefs as truth once again. We could also start engaging in old, destructive behaviors.

This causes life to feel as if it’s going around in a wide, sweeping circle, as if all we’re doing is repeating old experiences. It’s no wonder that some of us start feeling bored and discouraged with life. For this reason, we should do a self-check several times a year, at best. We should monitor how we respond to old stimuli (i.e. a picture of an ex-spouse, seeing a former classmate we once had issues with).

Signs that we are not rushing back to the past include visiting home, speaking with people we knew in the past and not feeling jealous or angry or sad (a sign that we could be  missing the past) and not being afraid to step into new experiences. In these instances, because we’ve moved on, “association” has taken on some new hues, lowering our resistance to giving things a second chance, reducing the likelihood that we’ll rush back to the past.

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Track’s Tyson Gay and Genzebe Dibaba are looking good

By Denise Turney

track runner tyson gay

Pic by Eckhard Pecher – Wikimedia Commons

I’m watching the Prefontaine Classic at Oregon’s Hayward Field. Glad I caught the meet. Genzebe Dibaba commanded the women’s 5000 meter race. Had she had competition, I think she would have gotten the world record. She ran an impressive race, netting the fastest time by a woman at the 5000 meters in the United States. What a joy it was watching her run!

Tyson Gay and Justin Gatlin take the Prefontaine Classic

Tyson Gay, owner of America’s fastest 100 meter sprint, topped the 100 meters at this year’s Prefontaine Classic, running a 9.88. It was good to see Tyson Gay back on the track, in racing form. He said the race showed him that he’s in good shape, a positive event that could be the beginnings of a great summer.

Competition for Tyson Gay was stiffer than it was for Justin Gatlin who came out strong in the 200 meters. Justin Gatlin was clocked at 19:68. He came around the turn in command of the race. Usain Bolt hasn’t officially run a 19:68 since 2013. When Justin Gatlin and Jamaica’s Usain Bolt meet up in the 200 meters in the summer, hopefully, that will be a sprint for the record books.

As a fan of Harvey Glance’s, a 1970s relay Olympic gold medalist, I was delighted to watch Kirani James command the men’s 400 meters. Kirani James left no question in my mind as to who is the best 400 meters runner in the world. He was clocked at 43:95. It’s the fastest time in the world this year.

In the women’s 400 meters, Allyson Felix shined. She truly shined, putting in a 50:05. It should be exciting to see how these and other top track and field athletes perform at the August Track and Field World Championships.

Pic by Erik van Leeuwen – Wikimedia Commons

We may have to wait until then to see how the American’s and other world class track and field athletes perform against Usain Bolt, Jamaica’s other top sprinters and top athletes from other parts of the world, athletes who weren’t at this weekend’s 40th Prefontaine Classic. One thing is sure. It’s looking like a track and field summer that won’t disappoint.

Want to follow the inner workings of a fictional top track and field athlete? Enter the world of Love Pour Over Me‘s Raymond Clarke, a man with a troubled past and the courage to create and live an amazing present-day life.

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Getting over the fear of love

By Denise Turney


Fear of love is powerful. Love arouses a host of pictures, images and emotions. Couples embracing, children laughing, a lioness bathing and caring for her cubs . . . an aging couple sauntering down the sidewalk, hands joined and fingers entwined, immediately come to mind.

What images, sounds and emotions arise in your mind when you hear the word “love”?

Do you ever feel afraid when you consider love?

You may not think that fear shows up, tagging along like a pestering cousin you wish would stop popping over unannounced and uninvited. But, consider this.

Hidden fear of love

Have you ever met someone that you were attracted to, someone you found interesting, an affectionate, active listener who you also found physically attractive? You didn’t consciously intend or set out to meet the person, but now that your paths have crossed, you find yourself thinking about him a lot.

Do you tell yourself (or other people if they ask) that you’re not attracted to the person? Do you try not to think about the person? Why?

Could it be that you’re working to stay clear of pain? It’s at this point that you’re practicing avoidance. Although you could avoid asking the person out on a date only to have them tell you that they’re dating someone else or aren’t interested in getting to know you on a romantic basis, you’re also setting yourself up to experience the pain of not even trying to get what you want.

Love does not hurt

Either way, you’re not walking into love. Instead, you’re engaging in fear of love. In your
effort to protect yourself from rejection, you could actually be setting yourself up for regret. Choose which “R” you want to roll with. Fear is going to cause one of them to show up.

It’s understandable if you’re afraid of love. Every time it even hints at an appearance, you go into self-protection mode. But, are you really happy living this way, on a constant lookout for love, so you can get on the run before love gets too close?

And yet, love is probably the very thing that you pray for, long for . . . really want.

The next time love appears, don’t run. Get observant and watch what happens. You can’t control love. It’s not a puppet. But, real love doesn’t hurt. It does take courage to let real love come close. Why not start now?

Fear of love gripped Love Pour Over Me‘s Raymond Clarke until he was well into his middle-aged years. Until he got above the gripping fear of love, he went from one emotional roller coaster event to another. Fortunately, he’d met a woman who shared enough care and acceptance with him to make a huge impact. There’s no reason why what happens to Raymond Clarke in Love Pour Over Me couldn’t happen to you too.

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Signs it’s time to end a romantic relationship

By Denise Turney

Movies like Baby Boy, Blue Valentine, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and The War of the Roses show how far the hottest relationships can swing in a matter of moments, weeks or months . . . at times, years. As hot as these relationships start, they turn eventually turn emotionally, psychologically or physically violent. If couples knew when to step away from a relationship, before the whole thing comes falling down, they might not find themselves embroiled in a volatile end-of-a-relationship scenario.

Why do we stay in bad relationships

Elite Daily shares, “sometimes, you are so deep in the trenches that you can’t even see the mess you are in until it is too late. Human beings have the tendency to idealize things that they want. Studies have shown that being in “love” actually makes your lover seem more attractive, intelligent and desirable than they really are. How many times did you look back at and ex and be like “Wow, what the f*ck was I thinking?” — exactly my point.”

Idolizing the person we’re in love with requires an investment of us. It’s this investment that we find hard to walk away from. Before we know it, we’ve stayed in a relationship far too long. Knowing the signs that it’s time to exit a relationship could save us years of heartache but only if we’re honest with ourselves.

Physical violence is a definite sign that it’s time to bag it up and walk away from a relationship. Regardless of how low your self-esteem might be, it’s never ever okay to put up with physical abuse. If you’re having trouble walking away, love yourself enough to seek therapy, so you can get a clear head — just what you need to leave a bad relationship.

Infidelity is another biggie. Contrary to what you may have heard, people do not have to cheat. Not only does cheating put you at risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease, cheating demands that the cheater lie. No good relationship is built upon a foundation of lies.

Lack of respect shows up at company parties, family get-togethers and the privacy of your own home. If your lover makes you (or anyone else) the butt of her or his jokes, broadcast mistakes you made or talks down to you – my friend, you are not being respected. Rationalize all you want, but someone who respects you wouldn’t make you the butt of jokes or belittle you.

Taking on a servant or submissive role is another sign that it’s time to exit your relationship. It’s not worth it to serve someone and put yourself beneath your partner’s ego just so your partner can feel “big”.

Physical pleasure can keep a bad relationship going, but only for so long. After awhile, it will become abundantly clear that all you have is sex. Because we’re more than physical beings, sex alone simply is not enough to keep your relationship (any romantic relationship) going strong.

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How to know that you’re in the right relationship

By Denise Turney

couple in love holding hands

Pic by Muramasa – Wikimedia Commons















New romantic relationships can deceive, cause you to believe that you and the person  you’re sharing your life with have a promising future. Feelings of excitement, good fortune, promise, bliss and sexual pressure can put you in a dreamy state. As tempting as those feelings are to surrender to, heightened emotions don’t always indicate that the romantic relationship you’re in is right for you.

However, those and other welcomed feelings could be present when you’re with the person you’d enjoy a long-term romantic relationship with. Things to look for when you’re considering the depth of your relationship include:

  • Sharing interests and passions (Although you and your lover won’t like all of the same things, you should have two or more things that you both have a strong appreciation for.)
  • Friendships that extend beyond your relationship. (Both of you should also respect and value each other’s friends and relatives. This should happen naturally. It shouldn’t be something you try to talk yourself into.)
  • You and your lover support each other’s goals and dreams.
  • Both of you take responsibility for your lives. (You don’t blame each other or other people for mistakes that you make and uncomfortable situations you find yourselves in.)
  • Competing or trying to “one up” each other isn’t something you do.
  • You love celebrating one another’s achievements.
  • Rather than hide disappointing experiences from each other, you’re both comfortable revealing experiences that make you feel vulnerable without taking on a victim role.
  • You and your lover learn from each other.
  • Your conversations are open and balanced, no one person dominating conversations.
  • It doesn’t bother you to be affectionate with each other in public.
  • During your most heated arguments, you don’t call each other names, belittle one another or try to harm each other in any way.
  • It’s exciting to you to try new things and explore life more fully.
  • Holding hands is as sweet to you as kissing.
  • You continue to grow as an individual even as the relationship develops.
  • You respect each other.
  • Making excuses for your lover is not something you think you have to do.
  • Trusting your lover is natural.
  • Instead of idolizing each other, you truly know your lover.

When you’re with the right person, you both become more awakened to truth. You actually become better people. You feel better about yourself and life, and you know that you’re loved.

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Things that make Ohio great

By Denise Turney

Ohio, also known as the Buckeye state, is a Midwestern state that has helped determine presidential elections for years. Like neighboring Indiana, Ohio has a fair share of small cities. From these small cities (and larger Ohio towns) have come some of the world’s greatest achievers in business, society, politics, arts and sports.

Granville T. Woods, William H. Bennett, James Ritty and Orville Wright are great inventors who were born in Ohio. LeBron James, Pete Rose, Edwin Moses and Coach Chuck Noll are people who have had a significant impact in the sports arena who were born in Ohio. And who can forget Erma Bombeck, Toni Morrison, Rita Dove, Dorothy Dandridge, Clara Ward and Paul Laurence Dunbar, great artists who are Ohio natives.

Check out these pictures of just a few things that make Ohio great!

orville wright house ohio

Orville Wright House in Dayton, Ohio (The city is also home to the Paul Laurence Dunbar House which is located in West Dayton – tours are available at both historic homes.)



nfl hall of fame ohio


NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio




great american ballpark ohio



Great American Ballpark (This is where the Cincinnati Reds play.)



coney island ohioConey Island (A lot of Ohioans and tourists have created lifelong memories at Coney Island, especially during their childhood.)

glenn research center ohio



Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio



rock and roll hall of fame ohio



Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio



huntingdon gardens ohio



Huntingdon Park and Botanical Gardens in Columbus, Ohio



palace theatre ohio


Historic Palace Theatre in Columbus, Ohio




national underground musuem ohio



National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio


imagination station ohio



Imagination Station in Toledo, Ohio




river downs ohio



River Downs Horse Track in Cincinnati, Ohio



fort hill state memorial ohio



Fort Hill State Memorial in Hillsboro, Ohio



national air force museum ohio



National Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio


ohio state university



Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio



It’s no wonder that Ohio has produced outstanding achievers. One of the state’s cities (Columbus) ranks as the 5th most literate city in America. The state motto is “With God, all things are possible.” The state’s name is derived from a Native American phrase that means “beautiful river”.

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