Mind tricks about love that could hold you back

By Denise Turney
Love is the most wonderful thing in the universe. It can’t be fully described. Words simply can’t give it definition, limiting it with vocabulary and human perception. Yet, we try.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Where there is love there is life.” Lao Tzu shared, “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Invisible to the naked eye, love defies the logic that asserts that physical size and strength translate into courage and insurmountable resolve. Perhaps Barbara de Angelis stated it best when she asserted, “Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible – it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could.”

Is it any wonder that we all yearn for it our entire lives, can’t get enough of it?

Yet, there is a flip side to love’s equation, a regrettable side, and it is this. Love is the very thing we often feel we’re lacking. More regrettably, it’s also the thing we feel we can’t trust.

Don’t think so? Listen to your favorite songs, one refrain after another about how love comes at a high price. As if to reinforce our fears about love, we fill our sweetest poems and novels with warnings, alerting others about the risks of loving, how it sets us up for heartache. Is it any wonder we turn away from the very thing we yearn for, can’t live without?

To feel safe, tucked away from love, we might start playing mind tricks. For example, we might practice self-deception, trick ourselves into thinking that if we sacrifice what we really want, our one true love will magically appear. (This person is generally someone we believe would never, under any conditions, cause us to feel hurt.)

That, or we might spend hours daydreaming instead of being present. We might avoid using vision to create the life we truly want.

Another mind trick we might practice in order to feel as if we’re receiving love (while we’re actually running from love . . . trying to feel safe) is telling ourselves we’re comfortable about a job, relationship, etc. when we really aren’t. Does this sound familiar?

But, the number one queen size mind trick we play is waiting for something outside of us to move, to give us what we want. We keep waiting for magic to happen rather than taking responsibility for our own lives. It might feel good, safe, but it won’t help us move forward.

This was a hard lesson for Brenda to learn.

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All writers should be wealthy

What a notion!  All writers are wealthy, absolutely loving life!

Talk about a wonderful world!  No writer gets her work rejected. Not only that, each writer receives no less than a five-figure payout for every single novel he writes. Oh, if it were only like that.

Have fun dreaming (or cashing those big checks, in case your a wealthy writer who has it like that!!) And if you’re just at the dreaming stage, here’s to hoping you soon make the leap to writing awesome, page-turning novels you genuinely love writing, novels that help you rake in the dough!

“Hang on, Snoopy!  Hang on!” Remember that song line?

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Valuable resources for women who love to read

By Denise Turney (author of Love Pour Over Me)
The Internet is packed with benefits, one rewarding novel connect after another. Websites, social media posts, e-blasts and digital newsletters have put a wealth of literary information at book lovers’ fingertips. At first glance, it’s like being planted in an oasis of book clubs, author interviews, book trailers, marketing slogans, author You-Tube video messages and free to low-cost print and e-books.

Perhaps at no other time in history has it been so easy to get in touch with your favorite authors. Gone are the days when you had to stand in line at a bookstore for one or two hours just to meet a writer whose books you’d read and absolutely enjoyed for several years. Now all it takes is the click of a button.

If you grew up in the 1970s or earlier, this might seem like a bit of culture shock. For younger readers, it’s the “norm”. No one’s as far away as they once appeared to be.

But, how do you know which websites, book trailers, author videos, interviews, etc. to check out? After all, you can’t see them all, just as you probably can’t read every book, even every book you’d love and appreciate. There is simply too much to choose from. You might as well settle in to the fact that you’re going to miss an incredibly large amount of good stuff, including books that could deeply inspire, motivate, educate and definitely entertain you.

We really are living in a time of great information wealth, great books being a tremendous part of this enriching data.

By sifting through all the data that’s out here, the time it takes you to discover life changing books can shorten significantly. In effort to help you sift through the massive amounts of literary data there is on and offline, I put together lists of resources that can benefit you as a book lover.

Book Clubs (some are great places to meet with other book lovers in person, make friends with people who share your passion and more)

Large Book Websites

Guides for Starting Book Clubs, Etc.

Book Festivals/Conferences Writers Attend (places where you could meet your favorite authors)

Enjoy visiting these and other book related websites, joining and participating in quality book clubs and finding and reading great books. After all, many great books are hidden, not featured in newspapers, magazines or even on websites. Finding these enriching, emotionally moving reads is like finding a rare jewel, a jewel you can treasure for years, perhaps the rest of your life.

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How to know if a book’s written for money or quality entertainment

By Denise Turney

Globally, more than two million books were published in 2005 alone. That’s a single year. Of that number, 328,259 of those books where published in the United States. It’s nothing new that writing and publishing books is one way you could become a multi-millionaire. What has changed over the years, especially with the Internet’s rising popularity, is the number of people who are penning novels.

Book Publishing’s Attraction

The sheer number of authors alone has taken a bit of luster off what it means to be an author. In fact, it’s not uncommon to hear a friend, colleague or relative proudly exclaim, “I can write a better book than . . .” (Fill in the blank with a New York Times bestseller author’s name.

But, can anyone, regardless of their writing experience or storytelling skills, sit down and write a bestseller at the drop of a hat? Or better yet, should anyone write a novel just so they can become rich?

The quality of novels hitting the market may reveal that writing books for money is becoming increasingly attractive. For example, years ago it was hard, very hard, to buy a novel that had numerous misspelled words and grammatical mistakes in it. It was also very hard to come across a novel that switched point of view so many times that readers got confused about who was saying or experiencing what.

Read enough of these books and you could start to think that authors don’t respect readers. You could also start to think that authors are arrogant, of the belief that stories they create are so automatically awesome that only a dumb person wouldn’t see the greatness in the writing.

Signs a Book Was Written Mainly for Money
Besides being filled with grammatical and spelling errors, books that are written mainly for money may also be developed using a formula or pattern, are built upon cliff hanging scenes that the greatest sci-fi fan would have a very hard time believing, rely on shock to hold reader interest, have so many rancid sex scenes a gigolo would blush (which swings back to the shock factor), shy away from facts (some writers really do hate to conduct research) and more.

Yet, authors who aim for riches rather than to develop quality entertainment, stories that stir the human spirit and provoke deep thought, haven’t created this issue in a vacuum. They haven’t turned down the respect authors once enjoyed all by themselves. The push from book publishers, literary agents and editors to sell-sell-sell is no less responsible.

To reduce the risk of taking on an author who has the talent but not the marketing mindset or skill to sell thousands of books a month, publishers are starting to watch the self-publisher ranks. Once a self-published author sells 10,000 or more copies of a single title, it’s not uncommon for publishers to contact that author, asking them if he wants to work out a deal.

This is a near complete about face over how publishers acquired manuscripts decades ago, back when modern novels became classics. Back then, publishers, editors and agents hunted for talent, scouring through stacks of manuscripts in the hopes of finding a rare gem, a quality novel that introduced readers to complex characters, people whose experiences mimicked their own without, at first glance, appearing to.

Waiting for Great Quality Art
It remains to be seen what impact sales over quality will have on the book industry. Perhaps the impact will mirror the impact that less conscious songs have had on the music industry. After all, one thing is certain. Readers, like music lovers, aren’t dumb. They know quality entertainment when they read it.

While listening to an interview given by the music mogul, Clive Davis, I was inspired to hear Clive share that he was waiting for a conscious singer/songwriter, someone like Bob Dylan (and dare I say, Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield, Diane Warren, Carole King and Nina Simone) to appear on the music scene. He’s not alone.

One great artist, an artist whose primary goal is to create quality entertainment, can set an industry on its end. In this regard, creating novels that aim to provide quality entertainment may help generate more profits for the book industry long term than books that are written solely for money.

Yes. There are risks. Books you pour months, perhaps years, of work into — writing and editing and writing and editing — may not gain many a large number of sells, costing you money. Yet, the risks may be worth it, especially if you genuinely love to write, respect reader intelligence and appreciate how great books you’ve read changed your life in remarkable, yet, generally unnoticeable, ways.

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Everybody should love reading books!

Everybody should love reading great books!  Reading is an excellent way to learn, to continue to grow. It’s also a great way to exercise the brain, ensuring that you stay alert and sharp. While reading books, you can explore new lands and learn from characters’ mistakes without actually having to make the same mistakes yourself. You can experience thrilling life events, meet fascinating people, learn how to build or fix things around your home and learn new languages.

The above cartoon really captures how fascinating your life could become after you start loving to read great books!  It’s a habit so rewarding, you might not be able to stop, and why should you!

Happy reading, my friends!  May you find wonderful, thought provoking books in the most amazing places!  May the stories that keep you up reading until late at night usher in tremendously rewarding experiences, ones you may not have even thought you’d ever have!

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Penn Relays Sports Brillance

penn relays track and field
It’s hard to live in the Philadelphia area and not hear about the historic Penn Relays, an event that generally takes place mid-spring. Jamaica’s Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake, Mary Slaney, Carmelita Jeter, Michael Johnson and Vicki Huber are just a few of the track and field standouts who have competed at the world famous event.

Watching Bolt, Blake and the other Jamaican relay team members sprint ahead of all other relay runners is memorable. Their performance brings to mind Carl Lewis and the United States’ teams 4 x 200 run at the 1992 Penn Relays. Clearly, the sports tradition that originally kicked off in April 1895, doesn’t stop at spotlighting collegiate track and field stars. In fact, top high school and professional track runners regularly attend the Penn Relays over three to five days. Watching them in the stands, on a single day, can be more than 30,000 fans, adults and children filling the stands at the University of Pennsylvania stadium.

penn relays women run

This year’s schedule starts with Tuesday and Wednesday qualifying races. Thursday’s races being with women’s hurdles championships, followed by women’s high school hurdles. There are also Special Olympics and Master’s  track competitions. Field events include the shot put, pole vault, long jump, high jump, hammer throw and discus throw.

Although you can catch the Penn Relays on NBC and Universal Sports, there’s nothing like  attending the Relays in person.  Attend in person and you could see some of the world’s top track stars up close. If you’re passionate about running yourself, you could also note some warm-up, relay hand-off, block start and finish techniques used by the fastest runners in the world.

If you do attend the historic races, make sure you bring a digital camera as there will likely be dozens of experiences you’ll want to capture and remember. Who knows, you might even get the chance to chat with a competitor after the event has ended.

penn relays race

Another tip you’ll want to remember is to arrive at the Penn Relays early. If you’ve never been to the Penn Relays before, head for Franklin Field at 235 South 33rd Street. Traffic in and out of Philadelphia can get thick. The good thing is that there won’t be a Philadelphia 76ers or Eagles game to add even more congestion to area roadways. Check weather reports before you leave, making bringing an umbrella or raincoat just in case the weather changes.

Above all, have loads of fun. You might even leave the Penn Relays determined to begin a personal fitness regimen. If you’re a mature adult, you might even consider entering the Master’s competitions at future Franklin Field track and field competitions. Track and field . . . it has always been Raymond Clarke’s favorite sport. Learn about his sports exploits in Love Pour Over Me, a story that unveils the inner workings of a fictional world class track star, simply unforgettable.

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Talented Athletes From Dayton, Ohio

By Denise Turney

talented dayton ohio athletes

Clearly, the most celebrated professional athlete hailing from Ohio is LeBron James. He’s a basketball phenom who ‘s hometown is Akron, one of the Buckeye state’s small cities. Although it’s not as small as Akron, Dayon is another small city. But, that’s not a big deal; few Ohio cities outside of Cleveland and Cincinnati are what many people would consider to be a “big town.”

Dayton Ohio – Small Town Home to Sports Champions

As a Ohio native, I feel incredibly proud and delighted to witness what LeBron James is doing with his athletic talent. The fact that he’s handling his life well off the basketball court is icing on the cake. Kudos to Lebron! However, LeBron isn’t the only talented athlete from Ohio who’s gone on to achieve success. Dayton is another city that has produced sports giants, people excelling at the high school, collegiate or professional level.

For starters, there’s Tonja Buford-Bailey. She’s a track and field standout who was born in Dayton; Tonja won the silver medal in the 400 meter hurdles at the 1995 Track and Field World Championships. A year later, she won the bronze medal at the 1996 Olympic Games. Dayton born, Tamika Williams, is another athlete who made it to the professional level. She earned her stripes playing for the WNBA’s Connecticut Sun.

Another Dayton basketball standout had great success at the collegiate level. Roosevelt Chapman, played basketball for the University of Dayton. Chapman would lead the team to the 1984 NCAA championships. His athletic achievements would later earn him a spot in the University of Dayton’s Hall of Fame.

More Exceptional Athletes from Dayton, Ohio

When it comes to baseball, Mike Schmidt and Roger Clemens are two of the most famous athletes from Dayton, Ohio. However, it’s at football that a large number of Dayton athletes excelled. Javon Ringer (Tennessee Titans), Mike Nugent (Cincinnati Bengals), Nick Mangold (New York Jets), John Henderson (Minnesota Vikings) and A. J. Hawk (Green Bay Packers) are some of the Daytonians who earned a lifestyle playing in the NFL.

Like Akron’s LeBron James, when it comes to athletic standouts, Edwin Moses is Dayton’s king. He may be the only professional athlete who never experienced a defeat while actively participating in a sport (track and field) more than 100 times. Edwin won gold medals at the 1976 and 1984 Olympic Games. In addition, he set the world record in the 400 meter hurdles four times. He is truly a champion, an elder statesman of the sport, someone Dayton is proud to call “Son”.

It’s my love of sports, particularly track and field, that inspired me to develop the main character in my new book, Love Pour Over Me, (Raymond Clarke) as a track standout. As with other athletes mentioned in this article, Raymond is from Ohio. Home for his father, Malcolm, and he is located in West Dayton. Raymond’s life, as happens to everyone, is filled with shifts, setbacks and triumphs, one of his greatest being the love relationship he shares with Brenda, a woman with a strong appreciation for life and the outdoors, a remarkable woman from the mountains of Tennessee.

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Writing Books and Stories that Touch Readers Deep Within

By Denise Turney

It’s been said that authentic stories come to writers instead of writers simply sitting down and creating stories we share with book readers. Truth may be that stories that touch readers deep within may actually come from deep within writers. It’s as though these stories speak to us, characters pushing us to tell their stories.

Powerful Emotions Touch Book Readers

Then again, there are stories, like those found in non-fiction books, that come to writers directly from experiences we observe in this physical world. It is then that stories can touch the core of book readers while the stories also keep accurate records of historic events, experiences that create strong, compelling emotions.

Developing stories that move print and electronic book readers requires that writers be honest with themselves, explore their own issues. In fact, it’s not uncommon for novelists to revisit their fiction books and see bits and pieces of their own experiences dispersed amongst the books’ pages. Specific steps book writers can take to engage their reading audience include having book characters write personal letters to their friends, parents or children.

Authors can also have major book characters share personal experiences in their diaries and include some of those diary entries in novels they craft. Raymond Clarke does this in the new book, Love Pour Over Me. Painting pictures to create images of major and minor book characters can also help authors to connect with and get to know their book’s characters more fully, more deeply.

By creating character sketches, authors can find out how old members of their book’s supporting cast should be. Other information that may surface while book writers do character sketches are the hometowns supports cast members should be from, the type of personality characters should have and particular motives major book characters should have.

The more deeply connected book writers are to the characters they create, the easier it can be for writers to flesh characters out for print and digital book readers, making the characters feel real. Another tip book writers may find helpful is to read dialogue and character scenes out loud. Sometimes the ears will catch something the eyes miss or don’t want to acknowledge.

To move book readers deeply, it’s important that writers create book characters readers will genuinely care about. The most talented and technically well crafted writing in the world may not engage readers if characters are flat or unbelievable. By adding strong dialogue, intriguing scenes and strong character motives to stories, book writers may start to develop a readership

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What if you can’t stop writing?

Some people write because they’ve heard that it’s a great way to gain fortune and fame. Other people write because they feel compelled to share their ideas with others, intent on causing other people to think the way they do. And then, there are folks who sit down and write or type out one-word-after-another because they simply couldn’t stop writing if they wanted to.

As much as I don’t like admitting it, I’m in the latter group.

Oh, sure, I’d absolutely love the fortune (you can keep the fame), but I’m gonna write no matter what.  It’s in my DNA. I can’t help it.

Curious if this fits the bill for you as well? Consider reading these few scenarios/facts, and see how well they match you.

  • When I listen to conversations people have while commuting to and from work on the train, airplane, etc., I often find myself turning the conversations into short stories, poems, novels or I ponder how the conversations might work in a screenplay.
  • I write more than I think I do (i.e. journal writing, blogging, writing copy for friends) and don’t mind at all.
  • If I’m reading a newspaper, magazine or website article, I find myself enjoying the cadence, the very pace of the writing, more than the actual details noted in the piece.
  • People tell me it’s like I’m “right there” talking with them when they read letters I’ve written them and sent via the mail.
  • Seems like a story’s always going in my head.
  • I have an endless imagination.
  • Impossible seems like the most useless word in the dictionary to me (again . . . that endless imagination).
  • I absolutely love being in a library or bookstore!
  • When I talk with another writer, I feel like I’m talking with someone who really knows and understands me.

Oh, the joys of being a writer!  They abound!

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Great books open up new worlds

Great books open up new worlds, in ways that, perhaps, few other things do. Think about it? How many times have you felt down, picked up a great book, started reading it and, before you knew it — you started feeling better? How many times have you felt like throwing in the towel, read a series of inspirational poems or quotes, then lifted your head and advanced forward?

In a nutshell, great books leave us changed. They stir up deep, rich emotions in us, causing us to shift in ways we don’t consciously understand.

No wonder billions of people read books. They do more than teach, so much more, starting early in our lives, when we’re kids. And considering early books, aren’t those the stories that stay wish you, that you still remember as if you read them yesterday?

Thank you for reading my blog. To learn what happens to Raymond, Brenda and the other characters in Love Pour Over Me, hop over to Amazon.com, B&N.com, Ebookit.com and get your copy of Love Pour Over Me today. And again I say – Thank You! Consider Love.