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What People Are Saying About PORTIA.....[The inspiring book about a courageous woman winning the fight against breast cancer! The little, power-packed book that is so good it comes with a FULL *SATISFACTION* GUARANTEE]

"dignity leaps from the pages of the Portia story by Denise Turney and neither poverty, a frightening illness (breast cancer) nor an all-powerful need for love and affection can camouflage it..."

Gwynne Forster

Author of Ecstasy and Obsession

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"a powerful, unforgetable woman faced with breast cancer, a woman who knows how to live! You won't forget the PORTIA Story!"

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"The PORTIA Story, a real-life book about breast cancer and womens health, will tug on the reader's heart strings all along the way One is left with the distinct knowledge that life's solemn tragedies are always matched by its impassioned splendor."

World Wide Magazines and Books

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"I wanted to read more about PORTIA. Denise Turney Your fictional work on womens health and breast cancer has added a new work to my read-again-and-savor list."

Under the Covers Book Reviews

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"There is so much I could say about the PORTIA Story, a book about the value African Americans hold for family, a book about women's health and one woman's fight against breast cancer. Most of all I wanted to read more-more-more. I wanted to keep reading about Portia. I definitely plan to read this book about African Americans in Portia's family again."

Sarah, Mother and Book Lover

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"I read PORTIA in one sitting. Although it's about a woman battling breast cancer who is surrounding by the love and kinship of African Americans, I saw my own family and women's health issues in this book. My mother is as tough and unrelenting as is Portia's mother."

Cathy, Painter and Sculptor

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"I like the way you deal with breast cancer and womens health issues amongst African Americans in PORTIA. I like how you focus on where Portia fights breast cancer and gains the strength to live. So many books focus on the problem, the loss or the illness. I like how you don't do that. The further I read into PORTIA and about womens health issues like breast cancer, the more I like PORTIA."

Elise Daniels, Retired Police Officer

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"Denise Turney, after going through an abusive relationship myself, I cannot tell you how glad I was to read that Portia learned how to love herself and stop letting her boyfriend mistreat her. It took me years to leave my boyfriend. He was so mean! He treated me so badly. To this day, I don't know why I stayed so long. It does my heart good every time I hear a story about a woman who decides to stop the abuse by letting the relationship end."


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"I felt like I was right there with Portia. I could feel her anguish and her pain. Portia made me realize how fortunate I have been."

Louise Jones

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"Everyone who values womens health, not just those battling breast cancer, should read the Portia story. Really. Everybody should read this book."

Gail Ryder

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"Denise Turney, your talent is obvious. I took your novel on vacation with me. I really enjoyed PORTIA. Portia is a book that makes it clear how important it is to address womens health, particularly breast cancer, is to our future. My only regret is that it wasn't longer."

Brenda Whittle

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"It's been years since I read a book. I mean, years. I read PORTIA and the enduring love she received from African Americans in her family in one sitting. I really, really enjoyed this novel."

Ruth Ardmore

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"A lady at church had a copy of PORTIA. My daughter borrowed it. Although she shouldn't have, my daughter sat right there in church and read the first 84 pages. She wouldn't put the book down."

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"I finished reading PORTIA. I told my husband that I had to tell you this. I read a lot of books. I loved your book. I really enjoyed it. I could read a part two to PORTIA. I just wanted to tell you that."

Toni Jackson

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"Denise, when is your next book coming out? I really liked PORTIA. I want to read another book by you."

Frank Griffith

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Portia is an African American books that tells the story of a successful defense attorney from the Chicago South Side or the South Side of Chicago. Portia has a father and mother active in the Civil Rights Movement and not just during African American History Month or Black History Month. Portia, the main character in an inspirational African American books multicultural novels is an African American woman of faith. Portia is an African American Christian woman who walks out her beliefs, who lives her faith, bringing it alive. Portia is a classic African American books that book lovers and book readers love and appreciate. October is breast cancer awareness month.